Our goal is to give access to the exciting solar energy market to those who traditionally have been left out. By bringing parties together and working with local organizations we will be able to create healthier and happier communities.

Connecting Solar with Communities

SolarUp! is an organization dedicated to creating access for low and middle income communities to the promise of solar energy. Through connecting stakeholders, assisting with technical challenges and managing projects, SolarUp! fills a gap that exists between traditional installers and LMI buyers. Our goal is to empower LMI communities across the southern United States, take advantage of the cost saving properties of solar energy and expand solar exponentially. 


If you answered yes to any of these occupations then you will want to contact SolarUp! about how we can help you become part of the solar economy and help low and middle income families and your community save money. 

SolarUp! was one of 170 Project Teams selected to participate in the Solar in Your Communities Challenge  administered by the Department of Energy’s SunShot Program.