PowerCrate takes the worry out of preparing for an emergency. All FEMA recommended items are included in this single product.

PowerCrate HPU is an all-in-one solar generator unit that provides remote power and CDC/FEMA recommended hazard preparedness items for use in the event of a natural disaster or power outage caused by climate change. Portable, weather proof and easy to use the PowerCrate 300 HPU provides AC and DC power charged from the sun or AC household current. Be ready for the next natural weather disaster. 

PowerCrate Hazard Preparedness Unit (HPU)

(Included items) 

PowerCrate 300

3-gallon water container
USB light
USB radio
First aid kit
Hygiene Kit
Face masks
Utility multi-tool knife
Sanitation/personal hygiene items
Preparedness reference book

Included with HPU model: 

Items below are recommended by CDC and FEMA for disaster preparedness. Click for details

PowerCrate is also great for: 

Power emergencies



Remote cabins

Beach parties 


Holiday lights

Anything you would a generator for

Refrigerator for medicine

Temporary household power

Having a PowerCrate is having the peace of mind that, should you need power,… it’s available. Power to charge all of your devices, run fans, lights or computers as well as keep those devices going with opportunity charging from the solar panels. 


Keep the PowerCrate charged from your wall AC so it is ready when you need it. Should grid power be lost the PowerCrate can be charged by the two solar panels. 


The PowerCrate is weather resistant and can be left outside.

PowerCrate 300 Specifications:

Weight: 18lb

Power in: Household AC or solar panels

Power out:

     AC Inverter: 300 W sine inverter (surge 600w)

     DC power: 12V

          USB (3) 

          Lighter adapter (1) 

Dimensions: 16″Wide/14″Deep/12″ Tall

Battery:  12V –  24 Amp hour sealed AGM

Solar: 2 – PowerCrate 14.5W monocrystalline panels (29W total)