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Connecting the Dots

Creating Access

to Low and Middle Income

PowerCrate provides assistance to victims of disasters by providing “All Hazard Kits” that incorporates solar energy, plus storage. PowerCrate is designed to provide relief for short term (3 days) and long-term disasters (2 weeks) or more. A solar powered generator that encompass a crate design that contains supplies for hazard preparedness to assist those in need. Can be fully recharged by the sun when electricity is not available. Rugged, water- resistant, weather-resistant. The portable PowerCrate 300 unit containing solar plus disaster storage is an ideal fit for those working to improve the capability to prepare for, protect against and respond to emergencies.

The PowerCrate is a portable 300-watt solar generator which contains essential items recommended by the CDC Office of Public Health and Response. The PowerCrate 300 includes the following items:

 – Two 14.5-watt monocrystalline solar panels.
 – A maintenance free sealed lead-acid 12-volt 24-amp hour battery.
 – A solar charge controller, 300 watt continuous pure sine inverter 600w peak power.
 – Two 12-volt DC plugs, 4 USB charger ports,2 AC 110 volt outlets, and a voltmeter.
 – 3-gallon water container, flashlight, USB radio, whistle, first aid kit, antibiotic, bandages, facemask, gloves and reference book, pliers, tape, utility knife, fan and sanitation/personal hygiene items.
 – 5-watt USB LED outdoor light bulb (equiv. to 40W bulb).
 – All Hazard Preparedness Reference Guide.