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Connecting the Dots

Creating Access

to Low and Middle Income

What We Do

Core Services:

SolarUp! provides a range of clean energy services including project development, installation, ownership, operations, and maintenance of solar arrays, community solar/solar farm subscriptions, sale of completed installations to equity investor entities, and innovative clean energy product development, manufacture, and sales. 


SolarUp! is the regional leader in creating equitable clean power for stronger, healthier, environmentally just communities.


SolarUp!’s clean energy solutions serve local non-profit organizations, businesses, schools, governments, and residents in low to moderate income communities throughout Alabama and Mississippi. We build awareness, create jobs, and enhance community ownership. 


SolarUp! values: Connections, Opportunities for low and middle income families, Energy equality, Environmental justice, Socially responsibility.

There is a lack of knowledge in our communities about the benefits of solar and how to take advantage of this renewable energy. We help educate the community through seminars, talks and on-line materials that can help bring stakeholders up to speed on solar’s benefits.

By connecting community leaders, installers and investors, we bring together the players who will be instrumental in building solar arrays in these underserved communities.

There are barriers to building and operating solar farms and SolarUp! is committed to breaking down those barriers.

A lot of paperwork and planning needs to go into getting a large solar operation built. SolarUp! is the engine that gets the tasks done to make sure the projects run on time.