Why SolarUp!

Connecting the Dots

The opportunity of solar energy is exciting and promising for the future of the United States, but like so many emerging technologies, solar has, until now, only been available to those with means. People of low and middle incomes have had to sit back and watch others save money, achieve good things for the environment and participate in this energy revolution. 
SolarUp! was formed to help people of low and middle incomes participate in solar and profit in its benefits. What is needed is a way to bring all of the stakeholders together to achieve these goals. By bringing suppliers, installers, financiers, municipalities and charitable and community organizations together, we will be able to find solutions.


Those who can least afford solar, need it the most

Solar is a tool. It is a machine that can achieve a goal:  The goal of taking the sun and turning it into energy. Until today, solar has been an option for only experimental early adopters and those with the resources to pay the high price of installation. But with the exponential reduction in product cost over the past 10 years, the entry level costs have come closer and closer to par with the cost of grid power. We are at that exciting moment of transformation where solar can and will be available to all markets including low and middle income communities, those that stand to benefit the most from the use of renewable energy. Our goal is to break down the final barriers to solar installation and make solar available to all.